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  • Onyx Tea Pots
Onyx Tea Pots

Onyx Tea Pots

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  • Product description: We offer a wide range of onyx houseware like Onyx Ashtray, Onyx Flower Pot, Tea Pots, Candy Jar, Onyx Canister, Onyx Fruit Tray, Onyx Tumbler

Onyx Houseware, Onyx Ashtray, Onyx Flower Pot, Tea Pots, Candy Jar, Onyx Canister, Onyx Fruit Tray, Onyx Tumbler


onyx ashtrays: all kinds of natual onyx ashtrays from China. every pc is different with others. you cannot find 2 pcs onyx are all the same.

1, these kinds of ashtrays are all made by natural stone, marble or natural bowlder.

2, every pcs have different design and different pattern. every pc have different color and different picture.

3, because of all of these are all natural, it is very noble for the house or gifts.

4, it belonged to a very good kind of stone, or bowlder. so it is very beautiful.

5, the price is workable for per family  to buy.

6, over 10years experience on polished these kinds of bowlder ashtrays.

7, it will be very popular in the home furnishing or gifts.

8, the size have many differents. usually have Small, Middle, Big 3 kinds of sizes.

the Small size usually is:  Dia: 60~80mm, Height: 20~25mm

the middle size usually is : Dia: 80~120mm, Height: 25~35mm

the big size usally is: Dia:120~150mm, Height: 30~40mm.

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