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  • Snooker Slate Table Packing
Snooker Slate Table Packing

Snooker Slate Table Packing

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  • Product description: Billiard slate is intervenient of its hardness, and it is subject to complex gauging and surfacing operations, which in turn produces a very flat surface.

We’re a Professional billiard slate manufacturer. Our billiard slate is intervenient of its hardness, and it is subject to complex gauging and surfacing operations, which in turn produces a very flat surface. It is very important that the essential element in slate quality is flatness. There is no better playing surface for a pool table than slate, we only supply the top quality billiard slate, more and more manufacturers of billiard, snooker, and pool table are choosing billiard slate use in base bed of table in Europe and North America. Flatness, the essential element in slate quality, is achieved through a precise art of machining, a process stringently monitored by our professionals, this exacting craft of machining and curing produces premium quality, flat, exact holed, and pockets cutted(quality), more patterns, lead time, manful compensation if break through long distance transportation(service), you are guaranteed by us. In fact, our slate is 100% tested for flatness, measurement before incasement.

FINISHED PRODUCT: our billiard table slate have many patterns. We can custom produce all patterns of billiard, pool table and snooker slate according to customer's exact drawing, size variety from 6' to 12'.

PIECES: billiard table slate has three types, one piece in one set, three pieces in one set, or five pieces in one set.

PATTERNS: We can custom produce any patterns of billiard slate according to request, any thickness available. (for 6', 7', 8', 9', 10' pool table, for 8', 9', 10', 11', 12' 'snooker table), If you are interested in our billiard slate, please you contact us to inquiry patterns.

1. Slate for Pool table

95" x 51"x1" (1 1/4") 3PCS/set 90sets/20'C
85" x 46"x1" (3/4") 3PCS/set 120sets/20'C
107"x57"x1" (1 1/4") 3PCS/set 80sets/20'C
119"x63"x1" 3PCS/set 65sets/20'C
Backing with MDF/Partical board/Plywood

2. Slate for snooker table
144" x 73 1/2" x 1 3/4" 5PCS/set 26sets/20'C
120" x 61 1/2" x 1 1/2" 5PCS/set 34sets/20'C
132" x 67 1/2" x 1 1/2" 5PCS/set 28sets/20'C

Product Description

Billiard slate
No Tapy/Description Mode FOOT slate size-mm PCS/sets
1 American TYPE"H"or"VA" XM-6FTT19HVA26Ft1714X902X19mm1PCS
2 American TYPE"H"or"VA" XM-7FTT19HVA27Ft1905X990X19mm1PCS
3 American TYPE"H"or"VA" XM-7FTT19HVA37Ft1968X1022X19mm1PCS
4 American TYPE"H"or"VA" XM-7FTT19HVA47Ft2083X1067X19mm1PCS
5 American TYPE"H"or"VA" XM-7FTT19HVA57Ft2108X1092X19mm1PCS
6 American TYPE"H"or"VA" XM-8FTT19HVA28Ft2324X1206X19mm1PCS
7 American TYPE"H"or"VA" XM-8FTT22HVA28Ft2324X1206X22mm1PCS
8 American TYPE"H"or"VA" XM-9FTT25HVA29Ft2616X1346X25mm1PCS
9 American TYPE"H"or"VA" XM-9FTT25HVA39Ft2642X1372X25mm1PCS
10 American TYPE-KMC XM-10FT25KMC110Ft3022X1600X25mm3PCS
11 American TYPE-KMC XM-7FTT19KMC17Ft2096X1130X19mm3PCS
12 American TYPE-KMC XM-7FTT19KMC27Ft2108X1143X19mm3PCS
13 American TYPE-KMC XM-7FTT19KMC37Ft2160X1168X19mm3PCS
14 American TYPE-KMC XM-7FTT22KMC37Ft2160X1168X22mm3PCS
15 American TYPE-KMC XM-7FTT25KMC37Ft2160X1168X25mm3PCS
16 American TYPE-KMC XM-7FTT22KMC47Ft2172X1156X22mm3PCS
17 American TYPE-KMC XM-7FTT25KMC47Ft2172X1156X25mm3PCS
18 American TYPE-KMC XM-8FTT19KMC18Ft2400X1283X19mm3PCS
19 American TYPE-KMC XM-8FTT25KMC18Ft2400X1283X25mm3PCS
20 American TYPE-KMC XM-8FTT19KMC28Ft2413X1295X19mm3PCS
21 American TYPE-KMC XM-8FTT22KMC28Ft2413X1295X22mm3PCS
22 American TYPE-KMC XM-8FTT25KMC28Ft2413X1295X25mm3PCS
23 American TYPE-KMC XM-8FTT22KMC38Ft+ 2514X1346X22mm3PCS
24 American TYPE-KMC XM-8FTT25KMC38Ft+ 2514X1346X25mm3PCS
25 American TYPE-KMC XM-9FTT19KMC19Ft2718X1448X19mm3PCS
26 American TYPE-KMC XM-9FTT22KMC19Ft2718X1448X22mm3PCS
27 American TYPE-KMC XM-9FTT25KMC19Ft2718X1448X25mm3PCS
28 Australian TYPE XM-6FTT19A6Ft1829X914X19mm1PCS
29 Australian TYPE XM-7FTT19A7Ft2134X1067X19mm1PCS
30 Australian TYPE XM-8FTT19A18Ft2388X1168X19mm1PCS
31 Australian TYPE XM-8FTT19A28Ft2438X1219X19mm1PCS
32 Australian TYPE XM-9FTT19A9Ft2743X1372X19mm1PCS
33 Australian TYPE XM-9FTT25A9Ft2743X1372X25mm1PCS
34 Australian TYPE XM-9FTT25Ap39Ft2743X1372X25mm3PCS
35 Australian TYPE XM-9FTT22Ap39Ft2743X1372X22mm3PCS
36 Australian TYPE XM-9FTT19Ap39Ft2743X1372X19mm3PCS
37 Australian TYPE XM-10FTT25A10Ft3048X1524X25mm3PCS 

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