Crystallized Stone V.S. Thassos White Marble

Crystallized Stone has marble like appearance thus some of our clients have doubts that is it same material with Thassos white marble? Actually, they're totally different materials with each other. 


Crystallized Stone is pure white and it’s also called Crystal White Stone, White Glassos Stone, White Thassos White Stone,Marmo Glass Tile, etc.. This unique building material is made using a very sophisticated technique of sintering select minerals and fusing the sintered crystals together through intense high temperature. The result is a versatile building material that is nearly identical to Pure White Thassos Marble, yet unlike Thassos it is as hard as granite and never requires sealing.


Here’re 3 main different between white crystal stone(white glassos stone,white marmo stone,crystallized stone) and white thassos marble:

Material Name

White Crystal Stone

White Thassos Marble

Material Type

Artificial Glass

Natural Marble

Color Difference


A Little

Water Absorption




Below are the photos took from difference directions for you to have a clear idea how they look different in appearance:



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