What is bookmatching?

Bookmatching stone refers to matching the edges of two (or more) stone pieces to create a near mirror image. The bookmatched stone panel is available in marble,onyx, granite,etc.. 

Bookmatching can only be done with some slabs. These slabs are sold as special “bookmatched” slabs. Marble and granite is cut from the quarry first into giant blocks. These blocks are then sliced like a loaf of bread, and then they are polished and shipped around the world. Normally, the same side of the slice is polished. For bookmatched slabs, however, opposite sides are polished so that 2 polished sides are facing each other in the stone block. Open them up like the pages of a book, hence the name, and they form a mirror image of each other! Bookmatched slabs are also sometimes said to be “butterflied”, because the two slabs are mirrored like butterfly wings.

Bookmatching is generally used in larger spaces where you can appreciate the full effect. Some examples are in slab showers, kitchen islands, feature walls, and full height backsplash. When a seam is bookmatched, an object to be otherwise hidden becomes a feature. 

Creating a bookmatched installation is often more expensive because of layout restrictions. There is only one layout option to create a bookmatched effect, and it’s usually not the most efficient one. This means that there is often more marble or granite waste. Sometimes, this “waste” can be used in other areas of the room such as vanity counter tops, shower seats, backsplash, etc. A good example of this is the onyx bathroom above. We prioritized the bookmatched shower and used the remaining onyx for the vanity, sinks, back splash, and sill.

Gani Stone Bookmatched slabs aren’t available in all materials. And it’s not worth bookmatching many materials such as uniform granites. You’d never be able to tell! Generally only marbles and granites with linear patterns or a lot of movement are bookmatched. With such stones, this technique really shows off their natural beauty.


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