Why Gani Stone?

1) Professional stone solution supplier for both commercial and residential projects which could save your time and money.

2) Direct stone manufacturer supports a full product line with a large selection of items, finishes & sizes.

3) We have the capability to create custom cuts for special orders.

4) Every item is hand inspected at our factory by a quality control team of over 10 people before any container is shipped.

5) Our prices are extremely competitive based on the high-end quality we put forth.

6) All inquiries and questions will be replied within 24 hours.



Contact Us

Contact: Amber

Phone: 008617750596097

Tel: 00865927616505

Company: Gani Stone Co.,LTD

Add: #A1411, NO.802 Yuanshan South Road, Huli, Xiamen, China (361006)

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